What they SAY

Sara Bareilles

Grammy and Tony Award nominated recording artist, Waitress the Musical on Broadway, Jesus Christ Superstar Live on NBC

“Matt was absolutely fantastic. He was focused, patient, kind and most importantly, made me feel like I could access my own potential. It was a pleasure to learn from him, and I was so happy to find him! It is testament to his talents that I found him through a recommendation from a dear friend. Now I can only return the favor and recommend him to anyone looking to hone their skills with a wonderful teacher.”

Adi Roy

Aladdin in Aladdin the Musical on Broadway. Broadway debut in Jagged Little Pill

"Working with Matt is the best thing I’ve done for my voice. I’m lucky to have started working with him so early in my career that we were able to really find my voice together, and that was invaluable. In just a few lessons, I was already learning I could do things I had never done with my instrument before. I don’t know where my voice would be had I not gotten the help from Matt, and I can’t wait to unlock more of my voice with him in the years to come!"

Brandon Uranowitz

Tony Award Winner Best Actor for Leopoldstadt. 3 Tony Award nominations for An American in Paris, Falsettos and Burn This on Broadway

"The fact of the matter is that I would absolutely not be where I am today without Matt. Not only did he completely change my instrument, but he gave me the confidence and the tools to fully enjoy singing again. There’s a miraculous and overwhelming freedom to singing that I’d never felt until working with Matt. I owe him everything."

Holli' Conway

Six and Lempicka on Broadway

"Working with Matt has completely changed my life. As a singer, I often live in fear of the ever-changing circumstances that affect my voice, but Matt has taught me just how strong and versatile my voice is. He knows every trick of the trade and has patiently taught me how to navigate through any situation. The confidence I’ve gained from working with Matt is immense. Not only is he extremely encouraging, but he continues to challenge me to push past the limits I thought I had. I get constant comments on how much my voice has changed since working with Matt and more than anything, singing has simply become more easy and fun. Fully understanding the mechanics of my voice and trusting in its abilities takes away so much pressure from the outside world. Thank you, Matt. I’m proud of how far we’ve come and I’m so excited to see what more we discover!”

Gerianne Perez

Catherine of Aragon in Six National Tour, Waitress on Broadway

"To say that Matt has changed my voice and the way I use my instrument would be an understatement. I came to him in 2019 with such limited access to my range and an overall lack of confidence around what my voice was capable of. And yet, after our first lesson, I knew he could help me reach new heights. Finally, I was working with a teacher who spoke my language and who wouldn't let me settle for just being "good enough". Matt won't let you get complacent, he will get you out of old habits and completely rework the way that you utilize your voice. If you would've told me four years ago that eventually I would be leading a national tour in a show that requires as much vocal stamina and prowess as SIX, I would've laughed. In working with Matt, one of my biggest and most outlandish dreams came true in finally being able to step into a principal role in a show that I am deeply passionate about. I couldn't recommend him enough!"

Julianne Moore

Heidi Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen movie, Academy Award - Best Actress for Still Alice

"Matt is a joy to work with. He infuses you with confidence while adeptly building your technique and personal style. He senses your strengths and weaknesses, and always acts as a true partner. It was wonderful to have a teacher who found so much pleasure in his work and communicated that delight to me."

Lea Salonga

Broadway: Kim in Miss Saigon (Tony, Olivier, Drama Desk and OCC Awards), Allegiance, Les Miserables, Flower Drum Song, Once on this Island. International: Fun Home, Cats, Cinderella, God of Carnage. Film/TV: singing voices of Disney's Jasmine in Aladdin and Fa Mulan in Mulan

"My friend and sometime co-star Matt Farnsworth is an incredible voice teacher. His approach to teaching is holistic, involving the entire body as part of the vocal instrument. Beyond his unimpeachable technical knowledge, he instructs in a way that is not only easy to understand, but also easy to immediately apply. The difference in those students’ individual techniques was like night and day. Their voices sounded clearer, and the students themselves seemed to feel far less anxiety and terror when a high note was fast approaching. You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you choose him to teach you."

Liana Hunt

Back to the Future on Broadway

“I met Matt in 2016 and he has completely changed my vocal technique and my relationship with my voice for the better since then! My range has grown significantly and I am more comfortable in different parts of my voice now than I ever was. Matt has made me a better singer and a more confident singer. I am able to get through 8 shows a week feeling consistent and strong because of my ongoing work with him. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Lindsay Pearce

Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway (Broadway debut)

"Working with Matt has been the most affirming experience. He was there for me, actively coaching me through a pandemic, and the re-opening of a Broadway show. His care for my vocal and mental well-being went far beyond what I ever expected coaching could be. He challenges my rough habits, he celebrates my breakthroughs, he yells "You sound SO GOOD" over my singing during lessons and makes me feel like I can truly accomplish anything. His ability to find MY sound, MY areas of strength to lean into, and help MY weaknesses become stronger is a one of a kind experience. I couldn't do this without him. He cares. He TRULY cares. Gratitude abounds when working with Matt."

Lorna Courtney

Tony Award Nominee for Juliet in &Juliet on Broadway

"Matt is a champion for actors and singers. In working with him I have a completely new understanding and appreciation of my voice. Not only do I have a better relationship with my instrument, I am more confident and trusting of it and its abilities. After working with him my knowledge of vocal technique has grown so much that I am comfortable making my own self adjustments and corrections. Lastly, I feel confident in performing 8 shows a week healthily with maximum efficiency and least amount of vocal effort!"

Morgan Wood

Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton the Musical

"Matt Farnsworth has single-handedly transformed my voice. I was anxious embarking on tour for a year to sing a very challenging principal role eight times a week but meeting with Matt truly gave me the vocal security and confidence to make it happen. Matt creates such a safe learning environment because when you feel like you’ve fallen, he gives you that many more tools to get back up and subsequently add those tools to your arsenal. He unpacks the dynamics and workings of your specific voice unlike any teacher I’ve had before. For that reason and so many others, I feel like I’m moving forward in my career with a deep understanding of what my voice is capable of - more so than ever before – thanks to Matt Farnsworth."

Eryn LeCroy

Christine alternate in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway (Broadway debut)

“Matt Farnsworth is transformative. From the first lesson, he continues to show me how to re-asses and access difficult parts of my voice with ease and confidence. His individualized warm-ups mold to fit the specific technical needs of each role or song we work on in our lessons. Matt is honest, straightforward, and creates a vibrant and focused learning environment. He does not waste your time. Above and beyond that, Matt is an incredibly supportive mentor and friend. Matt Farnsworth is the real deal!”

Bernie Telsey

Telsey + Company Casting

I still say with the utmost confidence that he is one of the best vocal coaches in the performing arts industry today. I’m always impressed with not only the high caliber of talent that his students demonstrate in auditions, but also the consistent improvement they exhibit over time. I highly recommend Matt as a vocal teacher or vocal coach to any performer who is serious about their art and dedicated to constantly improving their craft.

Hydrow - Indoor Rowing

Fitness Company

"Our unique environment and needs required someone who knew the voice inside and out, backwards and forwards and was up for thinking creatively in a new context. We could not have found a better match than Matt. Not only was he able to work comfortably with our diverse range of vocal knowledge, but his approach in addressing the cause rather than the effect led to eye opening moments all the way around. We could not recommend him and his work more highly!"

Meghan Picerno

Christine Daae in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway (Broadway debut), World Tour and Love Never Dies National Tour

"THIS👏🏻 BRILLIANT 👏🏻MAN. Many fans ask how I prepare for roles. It is such an incredible, all encompassing, spherical process, and I can tell you it’s not done alone. Living in both the opera and musical theater worlds particularly means you need the most brilliant technicians and coaches from both worlds in your corner to ensure your success in all fields. This is especially important to guarantee seamless movement from one world to the other. Full knowledge of your vocal apparatus and instrument are essential to do so. I would not be here without the amazing Matt Farnsworth. His knowledge and ability to work in conjunction with both worlds constantly in mind, vast understanding of and experience in the Broadway business and style, and unbelievable support are why I am where I am, and why I know I will one day reach my full potential as an intelligent performer and artist in the future, and achieve all my dreams. (Did I mention he also knows how to navigate my crazy intense energy, insatiable hunger for knowledge and quirky personality?! 🕺🏻💃🏻💖Lol yea man...we have a blast). Much love to you and I love you to the stars and back! Here’s to another rockstar year!!!!!"

Constantine Maroulis

Actor, Singer, Producer, Tony Nominee, American Idol Finalist

“Matt Farnsworth has brought the legit tenor out of my voice I haven’t heard in years. It has actually helped me wail rock even easier. Matt helps you create and prepare the space for the natural sound to just fly out with ease. His background as a performer allows the experience to be an all around one not just a voice lesson but a coaching and conversation about character. He rocks!”

Gideon Glick

2019' Tony Award Nominee for his performance as Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway and currently playing Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors NYC

"Matt Farnsworth gave me my voice back. I decided long ago that I wasn’t an adequate singer and that I was done with musicals... but I missed them dearly! Matt helped me in months develop a dependable technique, enjoy singing again, and brought me back to who I’ve always been and neglected - a singer. Matt not only cares deeply, but he is there for his students whenever they need him (especially neurotics like me), and sets them up to succeed. He doesn’t want them to just sing well, he wants them to understand the full mechanism so that they can be a diagnostician for themselves, and ultimately be a healthy, happy, and well adjusted singer. He’s a sage of the voice. I owe so much to Matt Farnsworth."

Gabrielle Carrubba

Zoe Murphy in Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway (Broadway debut)

"I highly suggest getting yourself a voice teacher who knows your mood before you even start singing, shares his chips with you and forces you to sing Wicked to help you feel better. i love you Matt Farnsworth, you've changed my life, my voice, my heart and so much more"

Mary Kate Morrissey

Elphaba s/b in Wicked on Broadway and principal Elphaba in Wicked National Tour

"I was sick of hearing people say "Can she sing it?" when I first went to Matt. I was frustrated, disheartened, and could NOT trust my voice to carry the parts that I wanted to play. He built my voice up by giving me the tools and support I needed to succeed. He gave me a better understanding of my vocal function through exercises, routines, and rituals to do during the day that service the show I do at night. Through every crisis, he has been on call no matter where he was and he is one of the kindest and most considerate members of my support team. In my three years with him, he has shown me that there is no student too small to deserve his best. And as I'm playing the role of a lifetime, he demonstrates an investment in me, not only in this job, but as a person and in my career down the line. Now, I never hear a song and think "I wonder if I could sing that..." I know that with hard work and training, I am unlimited."

Lexi Lawson

Eliza in Hamilton: An American Musical on Broadway

“I am so grateful for Matt. Not only has Matt helped me recover from a serious vocal injury by showing me way of correct singing – but he helped me every step of the way outside of my lesson as well. From personally calling my doctor for updates on his own time to recommendations of ways to aid in my recovery – He cares a lot about the overall vocal heath of his students and made it a priority to get me back on my feet. His knowledge about the voice and voice technique is outstanding and he has given me the correct tools to survive 8 shows a week – along with teaching me a safe, healthy, effective approach to hitting notes that were once impossible for me to sing. Thank you Matt!! You saved my voice!!!”

Craig Burns

Casting Director Telsey + Company Casting

"Matt is a premier voice teacher in New York City. An experienced performer himself, he guides his students toward not only improved vocal technique but also stronger auditions. I constantly hear from his students that their sessions are very productive and that Matt is a joy to work with."

Matt James Thomas

Pippin in Pippin on Broadway

“Matt is an incredible advisor, teacher and person. I was handed his number by Tiffany Canfield at Telsey when I was over in the US seeking some vocal coaching for my Spider-man casting back in 2009. I often visit Matt for a reliable, intense and dedicated hour of refocusing technique and new material. I highly recommend his professional, gratifying service.”

Anika Larsen

Tony Award nominee for Beautiful:The Carole King Musical on Broadway

“Matt Farnsworth is the reason I have a mix. He taught me to belt healthy, not to fear my soprano, and to do all of it in a way that’s easy 8 shows a week. I don’t know how he knows women’s voices so well, seems like some voodoo magic, but whatever he’s sellin’, I’m buyin’.”

Patrick Goodwin

Casting Director at Telsey + Company

“I can say without reservation that Matt Farnsworth’s Vocal Studio is truly a gift to the musical theatre community. His ability to healthily train voices in a specific and sustainable manner is incredible. Whenever I am asked by singers for voice teacher recommendations, I suggest Matt without hesitation. His knowledge of vocal pedagogy is unparalleled and his students thus consistently demonstrate growth and success in the audition room. I couldn’t speak more highly of him."

Nick Rehberger

Fyedka in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway

“Matt has completely changed the way I think about my voice. Singing is both a physical and a mental game, and Matt has taken away so much of the fear and the bad habits I have built up over time that were keeping me from making progress. I finally feel like I’m in control of my instrument and I enjoy the work of continually trying to improve. In the most supportive way, he doesn’t let me get away with anything. Matt cares so much about his students as artists and as people and he tailors his approach to each individual. He is not only an unparalleled technician, he is a brilliant musician, a thoughtful actor, a supportive friend, and a wonderful person. Thank you Matt!”

Jennifer DiNoia

Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway

"I am so thankful to have been introduced to Matt. He has taught me a healthier way to belt, how not to fear singing soprano notes, and most importantly, how to breathe. I had formed bad habits over the years and especially after having a baby, I needed help relearning how to use my instrument. I have had so many breakthroughs with him during our sessions. The skills he has taught me are invaluable and have given me so much more confidence while auditioning and performing. He consistently creates a safe environment to work in and I am eternally grateful for his guidance, support, and friendship"

Sam Gravitte

Fiyero in Wicked on Broadway (Broadway debut)

"I came to Matt after receiving consistent feedback that I had a good voice, but that my singing had a "muffled" quality, that I wasn't producing as much sound as I could. After my first two lessons I felt like I had a completely new instrument. His focus and energy in the room are infectious, second (or third and fourth?) only to his expertise and professionalism. Matt is a wonderful teacher and friend."

Bryan Perri

Music Director and Conductor of Jagged Little Pill on Broadway

“Matt’s teaching provides consistently tangible and quick improvement in anyone I send to him. His kind demeanor, nurturing sensibility, broad stylistic knowledge combined with a comprehensive understanding of the voice makes him an excellent choice for the working professional.”

Ryann Redmond

Belinda in Once Upon a One More Time on Broadway

“Matt has gotten my voice to produce sounds that I never thought possible. I do his warm-ups everyday on the road and after doing 8 or 9 shows a week consistently now, my voice is in such great shape. All thanks to Matt! I wish I could bring him on tour with me and have a lesson everyday!”

Hannah Shankman

Elphaba and Nessarose u/s in Wicked on Broadway

"Matt has changed the way I sing. He has made my singing easier and stronger! He has helped my belt flourish and expand beyond what I ever thought possible. He is an incredible coach and has helped me make huge strides in my craft and career. He is also patient, supportive and kind. He is always there to guide me and help me find the healthiest approach to a song. He helps me to stay connected and present. I cannot recommend him enough!"

Joanna Glushak

1776 on Broadway

"Matt is hands down one of the best teachers I’ve had!!! He has been successful at finally strengthening and blending my voice so I have one voice now ... he also spends the whole hour working .. he is totally focused on the student . And is incredibly encouraging .. I always leave his lessons uplifted and knowing I’m Growing and changing. Thank you Matt"

Arianna Afsar

Eliza in Hamilton Chicago

"Matt is extremely attentive, passionate, and caring towards his students. During a long run, I most definitely endured vocal road blocks that I never experienced before. He was able to advice and fix the problem on every level. I am constantly grateful for all his work and dedication to tackle any vocal obstacle. He is able to ensure you sound the way you want to sound healthily, so you can do it 8 times a week."

Alyssa Fox

Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway (Broadway debut) and Elsa s/b in Disney's Frozen on Broadway

“After being on the Wicked Tour for almost four years, I came to Matt to help me break some bad vocal habits I picked up while on the road. He was easily able to identify my problems with breath and placement, and now my voice is more free and connected than it had ever been before. I am now able to perform with more confidence and ease. Matt understands the way the voice works on a deep level, helping me improve with every lesson I take. I would recommend Matt Farnsworth to any singer who wants to improve their craft.”

Emily Koch

Kimberly Akimbo and Elphaba in Wicked Broadway (Broadway debut) & National Tour and Waitress Broadway & National Tour

“Matt has completely changed the way I sing. Not just technique wise, but my mindset about singing is completely new because of Matt. He has a way of instilling a deep confidence that you can sing anything how ever you want to sing it. It’s a magical feeling to be in an audition room or on a stage and feel like you can completely surrender and have fun.”

Peter Scolari

Emmy Winner, Film, TV, Stage Actor seen as The Wizard of Oz in Wicked on Broadway

“I am so grateful to Matt Farnsworth, he has changed everything about the way I use my voice. I used to invariably get tired in shows, singing in them or otherwise, but that’s all changed. I’m doing 8 shows a week on Broadway as well as outside readings, auditions, and public appearances without difficulty. His techniques are sound and organic, his instruction is inspired, he is a master, and I love working with him”

Olivia Puckett

Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway

“Before Matt, I was missing an entire section of my range and wasn’t breathing correctly AT ALL. It was frustrating and it showed in auditions. He dedicated his time to helping me discover new parts of my voice and I now feel confident and ready to sing any genre at any time. He is truly an incredible and supportive teacher. I don’t know where I’d be without him!”

Anthony Festa

Chris in Miss Saigon US National Tour

"Matt’s coaching has been a game changer for me! I have total control over my instrument now. I use 50 percent and it sounds twice as big as before our sessions. Matt helped me realize my true voice and to always trust it. I use his warm ups before every show and I’m proud of the work and progress we have made together."

Chloe Lowery

Rocktopia on Broadway (Broadway debut) and Lead Vocalist on Trans Siberian Orchestra

“There are no words that accurately describe the magic that is Matt Farnsworth. Not only has Matt transformed my voice; he has also transformed my life. His teachings go beyond just technique and become a lifestyle. I came to Matt in search of vocal guidance after suffering from fatigue after a very long tour. He diligently worked with me for months and has integrated a technique that is healthier way to project and will never damage my voice. With full confidence, I can honestly say because of Matt, I have become the strongest version of my singer self. He has encouraged me to step beyond my comfort and has been nothing but supportive in all areas of my life. He creates a safe space where it’s easy to learn and grow. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. I am forever grateful! Thank you Matt!”

Alex Boniello

Connor Murphy in Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway

“Working with Matt completely changed my life as a singer. His approach of really breathing and using that breath to keep yourself and your throat calm took my singing to the next level. I am confident in my ability to sing all forms of music healthily and frequently. After years of working in rock musicals, I can honestly say that my voice is as healthy and strong as ever thanks to Matt. Not only that, but Matt is one of the kindest, most genuine human beings I have ever met. Whether I need help working on a song for an audition, or if I need an honest and loving friend to talk to about the difficult life as a performer, Matt is always there.”

Josh Breckenridge

Come from Away on Broadway and Into the Woods National Tour

"I love Matt! He's amazing!!! If you're looking for a teacher to that'll change your craft and your life for the better...Matt is your man!"

Marrick Smith

Fun Home on Broadway (Broadway debut) and Connor Murphy in Dear Evan Hansen National Tour

“Aside from being a wonderful human, Matt speaks with the authority of someone who has had to crank out eight shows a week for a good deal of his life. I was jumping between shows and styles of music last year and I wound up losing my voice to neck and torso tension. Within a month Matt not only had my voice back, but functioning with more freedom and release than I had ever experienced in my life. He has helped me find my instrument in an extremely malleable and expressive way. Simply put, Matt saved my broken voice and brought it back.”

Molly Rushing

Young Anya in Anastasia on Broadway (Broadway debut)

"Matt is a an incredible teacher and guide in the musical theatre industry. His vast knowledge of the voice and the body, and his experience as a performer himself, set him apart from other voice teachers. In addition to transforming my voice, Matt has also given me incredible insight and help in navigating this demanding business. I know I can always trust his opinion and advice."

Ben Estus

The Book of Mormon on Broadway

“Matt is the best! Even after the first lesson, my voice felt and sounded noticeably different. Not only has he helped open up both ends of my range, but he has made me a more confident singer and performer. And on top of all that, he knows so much about the business. I know I can always count on him for solid advice and career guidance. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Geoffrey Kidwell

Waitress on Broadway

“Matt takes an incredibly easy and straightforward approach to singing – always reminding his students to work to find their own voice. Within a couple months of studying with Matt I had booked my first Off-Broadway show and he helped to guide me from the first rehearsal to closing night. He truly is the best.”

Hayden Milanes

Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys US Tour and Wicked National Tour

“Matt is hands down the best voice teacher I’ve ever studied with. He has a knack for intuitively listening to what’s going on and instantly knowing how to pull my greatest potential out in a single lesson. The vast amount of growth that has come from our work together keeps me coming back for more. I am extremely fortunate to be studying with Matt.”

Josh Daniel

The Book of Mormon on Broadway

“Everyone knows as a singer, there are some days you wake up and just sort of resign yourself to the fact that beautiful, healthy singing is not in the cards that day. For me, some of these days have happened when I’m scheduled to have a voice lesson with Matt. Without fail, Matt with what feels like surgical precision is able to diagnose what’s going on in my throat and my body, use exercises to pinpoint and re-gauge my vocal mechanism and its challenges that day, and get me singing with comfort and ease. Better yet, I now know the tools to fix these problems when I’m not scheduled to sing with him. I have never felt I’ve had such a reliable technique to fall back on. For someone pursuing singing in musical theatre, more I cannot wish you than the tutelage of Matt Farnsworth.”

Stephanie Martignetti

Tina: the Tina Turner Musical on Broadway

“Matt is truly a gifted teacher. I love that he is personable, makes me feel safe, and teaches in a way that is easy to understand. I’ve gotten so much better since starting to train with him, and consequently, the work I’ve booked has gotten better too!”

Julia Udine

Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and US National Tour

"I am so thankful that I found Matt! He is the best of the best and has helped me so much!!!!"

Lizzie Klemperer

School of Rock on Broadway

“Matt understands my instrument and has taught me how to understand it as well. If it weren’t for him, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be in The Addams Family right now. He is the real deal.”

Stacie Bono

Sally Sluton in Parade on Broadway (Broadway debut)

"In our first lesson, Matt was able to immediately diagnose 3 major issues in my vocalizing that were holding me back. As the weeks, months and years have progressed in our work together he continued to make my soprano higher and lighter, my belt stronger and clearer, my mix steadier and cleaner, and my confidence fiercer and supremer. In fact, it is with 100% certainty that I say without Matt, I would not be currently cast as Pirelli and the Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd off-broadway. High C’s were becoming laborious for this lifelong soprano and in a very short amount of time, Matt enabled me to access those high E’s I pop out every night in the show. Truly, I cannot proclaim his praises too much for he is an exceptional teacher. I am so grateful that I found him and excited to see where our continued work together takes me next!"

Evan Todd

Gerry Goffin in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical on Broadway (Broadway debut)

"I had never really taken one-on-one ongoing voice lessons before. I was intimidated by just how much I had to learn. But working with Mike Maixner and Matt Farnsworth has honestly been the best decision I could have made. They are both encouraging and supportive while also technical and precise. Every time I leave a session I feel like I am more capable and that I understand my voices in a new way."

Joshua Morgan

Shelly Berger in Ain't too Proud and Les Misérables on Broadway

"Matt changed my relationship with my voice and subsequently my career. I had been singing for 10 years before Matt but never really discovered my voice until working with him."

Matthew Marks

The Book of Mormon on Broadway

“Matt Farnsworth completely changed my voice for the better. I value his opinion not only in song choice but everything related to this business and to be honest I probably run every life decision by him. I regard Matt as a good friend as well as an irreplaceable teacher.”

Stephanie Gibson

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway

"Matt has literally fine tuned and trained my voice to be something I can not only rely on 8 times a week but feel truly relaxed and joyous about singing!!"

Bobby Garcia

International Director of Broadway Asia

“As a director, I have recommended Matt Farnsworth to many of my cast members as he not only has a gift to bring out the best in a singer, but also to evoke a truth in their voice in telling a specific story and creating a unique character. I have always seen a marked difference in technique, clarity and storytelling from singers after they have studied with Matt. He is truly one of the best in the business.”

Lucia Spina

Kinky Boots on Broadway

“The simple act of breathing does so much–when done correctly. I have been singing for almost 20 years and I haven’t been truly breathing. Only now, since working with Matt, have I begun to BREATHE and to find MY voice. The real me. It’s been a joyful, intense and glorious journey that I encourage everyone to seek out.”

Vincent Oddo

Rocky The Musical on Broadway and Jesus Christ Superstar Live on NBC

“Not only an excellent vocal teacher with technique, but coaching, professional wisdom, and a real sense of how to connect all of your intangibles.”

Matt Shingledecker

Fiyero in Wicked on Broadway

“A major goal in studying voice is versatility, particularly for musical theater. One of our most useful tools as storytellers is our voice, especially in a larger house. A solid technical base allows for a constantly expanding range, volume control, and a blank slate to color the sound with a myriad of expressions. In the short time I have studied with Matt, I have made huge strides in my singing as well as my speaking voice. I feel more versatile than ever, limitless really, and there is great possibility in a world with no bounds. Thank you Matt.”

Shannon Rugani

An American in Paris on Broadway

“My voice has been transformed after meeting and working with Matt. He is honest, intelligent and understands how to communicate in a powerful way. He tailors the lesson based on my needs or goals and stays present by adjusting each lesson based on how I feel or sound so I can get the most out of our time together. Best of all, Matt continues to teach me how to take care of my voice so I can have a long and healthy career in singing.”

Paul Anthony Stewart

Don Kirshner in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical on Broadway

“Matt creates a fun and nurturing environment that fosters growth and as a result my singing is freer, more relaxed, and relieved of unnecessary tension. Furthermore, his experience as a performer and knowledge of what is current and what is appropriate material for auditioning today makes him invaluable. I would recommend Matt’s technique and process not only to the beginning singer, but to the seasoned veteran.”

Adam Kaplan

Calogero in A Bronx Tale on Broadway

“Matt creates a comfortable, yet productive, dynamic that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether a lesson is spent prepping for an audition or fine tuning technique, it is money well spent. He’s not there to tell you what you want to hear, rather the tools that will get you the results.”

Tommar Wilson

Hamilton the Musical in Chicago and Book of Mormon on Broadway

"Matt has transformed my voice. As early as our first lesson Matt was able to identify some “bad vocal habits” I’ve developed, and begin to fix them by helping me understand what I needed to do to sing in a healthy way. Not only have I found more consistency while studying with Matt, but I’ve rediscovered the joy I have for singing.”

Jenna Ushkowitz

TV Star in Glee and Dawn in Waitress on Broadway

“Matt is not only an enjoyable, patient and encouraging teacher to work with, but his passion and approach to maintaining a healthy and trouble free vocal career for his students is admirable. I appreciate the way that Matt will not only teach me how to connect with my body, so that I sing with ease but also ensures my understanding in what that feels like to create longevity in my vocal career. I strongly recommend my vocal guru, Matt Farnsworth to anyone who is looking to find someone to give them the resources to connect to their healthiest and strongest voice.”

Jacob Gutierrez

Aladdin in Aladdin the Musical on Broadway (Broadway debut)

"Where do I begin with Matt? He has completely revolutionized my voice. When I started with him, I was a neurotic singer who never knew what would come out. Nothing was working together. He has helped me diagnose these trouble areas, and how to level-headedly (not neurotically) approach them, and assess how to navigate through, even on days where I'm feeling subpar. I am now singing repertoire I never dreamt I would sing. I find myself walking out of auditions saying "I rocked that" and actually enjoyed the singing. Beyond the technique, he is an incredible mentor and friend. One of my lifelines in this business. He, quite literally, has helped me find my voice--both in singing and in my life. Endless praise for this incredible man."

Elyse Collier

Bombalurina in Cats the Musical National Tour

"LOVE MATT!! Changed my voice and my life!!"

Kyra Kennedy

Jenna and Dawn standby in Waitress the Musical US National Tour

"Matt is a magician. He was able to transform my bad vocal habits and help me create new, better, and sustainable ways to keep belting my face off instead of getting tired or raspy. He is worth the investment because he invests in YOU. He creates a comfortable, safe, environment and I leave each lesson feeling more in control of my instrument. Matt, you're stuck with me 😉"

Jodi Katz

Lead Singer at Trans-Siberian Orchestra and backup singer for Cher in Cher World Tour 2019/2020

"A session with Matt is like a high powered tune up for your vocal cords. Matt is instantly able to correct breath and placement issues while teaching technique in a way that's understandable and lasting. Matt tirelessly worked with me to rehabilitate my vocal cords with warm ups designed specifically for my unique situation. Matt single handedly saved my voice, he's magical! I would highly recommend Matt Farnsworth to anyone looking to improve their vocal health or performance."

Pomme Koch

The Band's Visit on Broadway and National Tour

"I can't emphasize enough the strides Matt and Clinton helped me take with my confidence in every single lesson. They quickly identified areas of improvement without ever losing touch of what made my voice unique, and I would not have made it to Broadway without their incisive and personalized approach."

Betsy Struxness

Hamilton on Broadway

“He’s helped me find a healthy way to sing a rock show 8 times a week and I continue to learn and grow from him with every lesson.”

DeAnne Stewart

Jagged Little Pill on Broadway (Broadway debut)

"I came to Matt a few months ago after having a scary stint of laryngitis that left me without a voice for nearly a month. He helped me to reestablish some strong technique that had been falling to the wayside in the last couple of years. Since September, I have rediscovered my true voice and developed a better focus on what and how I should be singing. I've acquired some great new warm-ups for my voice type and a renewed understanding of the physiology of singing. Matt also has helped me with some mental blocks, anxieties, and insecurities that I have developed as a performer which has been equally as valuable as the technical training we've done. He's the best!!"

Jonathan Mendelsohn

Recording Artist

“After studying with three vocal coaches who taught me some useful techniques, none of them seemed to be able to help me break free of the destructive vocal habits that were abusing my vocal chords. It was when I started working with Matt Farnsworth that the true transformation of my voice began. He was the first one to realize exactly what I was doing wrong and knew how to fix it. The tools I have acquired from training with him and the proper techniques I have learned have allowed my voice to mature and expand with long lasting profound results that have sustained me for years and years.”

Pia Toscano

American Idol Finalist

"Matt Farnsworth is unbelievable! In just my first lesson he taught me how to place my voice in such a way that made it feel so easy & effortless.. His great energy is contagious & had me feeling very confident in my instrument following our lesson, which is something I hadn’t felt in a while. Matt is the real deal, one of the most informative yet enjoyable voice lessons I have ever had! Thank you Matt!!"

Laura Shoop

Flying Over Sunset on Broadway

“Matt has literally opened up a new world of singing for me. Time after time I find myself in the middle of a lesson just astonished at what my voice can do when applying his technique. I have been singing for a long time and never knew I had this voice in me! Matt provides a safe, focused and fun atmosphere to help singers explore and grow. He is truly gifted teacher and a great human being.”

Justin Bowen

Hello Dolly on Broadway

“One of my favorite things about working with Matt is that he has created a safe and joyous environment in which to learn and explore the voice. From my very first lesson I have never felt overwhelmed by the information he has given me but rather encouraged by Matt’s direct and honest approach. He has helped unlock and strengthen aspects of my voice I never knew were possible and I find myself singing with greater ease, control, and consistency- all of which help to sustain 8 performances a week. I look forward to every lesson with Matt not only because I leave feeling excited about the progress we’ve made, but also because I know I’m going to have a great time.”

Charlie Oh

Prince Chulalongkorn in The King and I National Tour

"Matt completely changed the way I sing. He and his associates are experts at framing technique with approachable, manageable steps. I recommend Matt to anyone from the novice to the master."

Julia Abueva

Here Lies Love on Broadway and Kim in West End's Miss Saigon

"All I kept telling Matt after our first 2 sessions was how much I’d wished we met way sooner. That’s how quickly it took to hear and feel the incredible difference. Not only does my voice feel healthy again, but I’m singing songs I never dreamed of singing. After a few sessions I can confidently say Matt is by far the best voice teacher I’ve ever had, so professional and such a lovely human being."

Dan Domenech

Drew in Rock of Ages on Broadway

“I see my voice teacher, Matt Farnsworth, every week. Just like you’d see a personal trainer for your body, Matt is a personal trainer for the voice. He’s keeps me in shape for the demands of an 8 show week”He was the first person I went to when I auditioned for Rent in 1999. He makes singing 8 shows a week in Rock of Ages easy.”

V.P. Boyle

Owner Matrix Theatrics

"There are voice teachers and there are miracle workers. Matt Farnsworth is the new mastermind in our Broadway community and my first recommendation for anyone seeking true vocal transformation. I dare you to prove me wrong—you will lose. And, of course, you will win."

Rachelle Rak

Fosse, Cats, Catch Me If You Can and many more... on Broadway

“Matt Farnsworth changed my voice and then my ability to simply tell the story without worrying about placement or notes. He has a formula and technique that takes your natural abilities beyond what you ever think you can do. I am so grateful for his knowledge and gift as not only a singer but an amazing teacher.”

Constantine Rousouli

Titanique off-Broadway and Wicked on Broadway and US National Tour

“Matt Farnsworth is the BEST voice teacher in new York city! He kept me from grabbing and not supporting properly, to releasing tension in the neck and being on my breath support. He will not feed you any bluff. He is there as an inspiration, technical coach, and friend. I highly recommend Matt! He will change your life.”

Cassie Silva

Six National Tour

“Matt completed transformed my voice. He has helped me to mold into numerous characters, from 80’s rock star to British child. Matt has an impeccable ear and knows the voice inside and out. He has a magical way of training his students to train themselves. My confidence has grown immensely as a singer and a human being because of Matt’s attention to detail and genuine care. I’m lucky to work with him!”

Arthur Wise

Love Never Dies US National Tour

"Matt is the best. He is a voice witch doctor! Was able to identify my acid reflux issues and help rebuild and strengthen my instrument so I could sing even higher with much more ease!"

Migguel Anggelo

Recording Artist

"I have had several vocal coaches throughout my career but for the first time, Matt has taught me how to have control and to enjoy my voice when I'm singing. I used to approach singing as hard work but Matt has gotten me to relax into owning my songs with greater ease. And we laugh the whole time while working super effectively and hard."

Jamie Karen

Chess on Broadway and Jersey Boys US Tour

"Matt is a master at his craft and he loves what he does. He treats every student with honesty and individuality, and every voice with a focus on health, growth and longevity. Personally, I can attest that my voice has grown immeasurably under his guidance. He continues to grow and adapt his practice to the current standards, and the proof is in the huge number of his students who are booking shows daily. He's a voice changer."

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