Grace Chermak

Voice Teacher

Grace Chermak is a professional actor and music educator born and raised in Wayzata, MN and based in New York City. Grace received her BA in Vocal Music Education with a minor in Performing Arts from Iowa State University and studied musical theater performance at the Open Jar Institute in NYC. Grace began her acting career in the Twin Cities and performed regionally in roles ranging from Anne Egerman in A Little Night Music to Elle Woods in Legally Blonde The Musical. As an educator, Grace uses her extensive training at Matt Farnsworth Vocal Studio and experience in musical theater, opera and choral performance to influence her practices as a voice teacher. Along with her performance career and private voice teaching, Grace finds enjoyment in working with young performers by directing and music directing various productions for youth theater companies and public school programs. Grace strives to provide a safe space for students to explore their capabilities, discover their authentic voice, and help them reach their full potential as singers. Grace has studied and trained with Matt on his methodology and philosophy since she moved to NY and has completed our Associate Voice Teacher Training Program. We are so excited to have her in the Studio and we can't wait for you to experience a lesson with her.

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Student Testimonials

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Grace Chermak since October 2021, and I’ve been amazed to learn and improve so much in such an uplifting atmosphere. She has given me an incredible amount of support all while providing me with the tools needed to take my voice to the next level. As my time with her continues, I am 100% certain that with Grace’s help, I will learn more about my voice and its uniqueness as I grow into a mature and confident singer. Learning to use my “mix” voice has helped tremendously, and with her guidance it becomes easier and easier to access. She has surrounded me with patience and compassion as she pours out her knowledge to help me grow. I am so inspired by Grace because of her genuine kindness and incredible talent! Since October, there has been a world of difference in my voice with one common dominator: Grace. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Anna Haller

Young Elsa in Frozen on Broadway and National Tour

"Grace is an absolute gem of a voice teacher! Coming from a dance background, I had my fair share of challenges diving into singing. But with Grace's expertise and super chill vibe, she's made the journey a breeze. She is incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, and makes every lesson a blast. Thanks to Grace, I've conquered those dancer-first hurdles, and I couldn't be happier with my progress!"

Stefanie Renee Salyers

Moulin Rouge National Tour

"Grace Chermak is absolutely incredible. My technique and the way I approach vocal work has developed tremendously. Through Grace and the Matt Farnsworth pedagogy I found my true voice, increased my range, and built my confidence in calling myself a true singer. Grace encourages me to Consistently lean into my strengths while strengthening my weaknesses. I have been able to fully critique, make my own adjustments, and corrections because of this training. I have found an understanding of what my body and voice needs to be able to sustain an 8x a week schedule especially as an ensemble member."

Kiana Rodriguez

Estella in West Side Story at Lyric Opera Chicago

"I did musical theatre growing up but had stopped to pursue ‘straight’ acting in college and drama school. I knew my voice was not where it used to be but I didn’t know where to start. I found the studio and was paired with the amazing Grace Chermak, with whom I’ve been studying for a year now! She is patient, kind, and incredibly knowledgeable and I always have fun during our lessons! It truly is a safe space for any weird sounds to come out or problems to surface that she helps you tackle with -well- grace! Grace has not only helped me build up my voice but she’s empowered me as a performer. Every lesson has moments of learning and success, and she ALWAYS celebrates when it goes right! My voice no longer gets tired easily and has retained that strength and range even throughout my bout with Covid. I’ve never met a voice teacher who’s so excited about the voice! Grace is constantly learning from Matt and applying new exercises/techniques so I have multiple ways to work on tricky parts of my voice. She always explains the reasoning for doing exercises so I’m never in the dark and I feel comfortable asking for clarification when needed. I’m understanding the physiological and psychological reasons behind my voice and habits so I can understand myself better. I’m singing songs I never dreamed I could with power, ease and control with my true voice, instead of trying to sing like someone else! I highly recommend Grace to anyone of any level looking to take their voice to the next level in any style. Thank you Matt for matching me with Grace, and thank you Grace for being my biggest cheerleader!"

Lesley Lemon

Rare Earth Mettle at The Royal Court Theatre in London

“Over the last year studying with Grace, I’ve seen a vast difference in my vocal technique. My goal over the last year was to regain the strength in my singing voice that I had lost over the course of the pandemic and I think I’ve achieved that and more. As I get back to auditioning in person, I have gotten more recognition from those behind the table about the progress in my voice than ever before, but and it’s all thanks to Grace! Her kind approach makes learning fun and I so enjoy our time together every week! She’s the best!”

Jenna Napolitano

Hello, Dolly directed/choreographed by Denis Jones at the Marriott Theatre

"I started with the Farnsworth studio just over a year into my vocal training, wowed by the caliber of artists who have been trained in these techniques. I lacked confidence in my voice on the best days, and beyond adding to my range and honing my ear-training I needed that critical emotional support to keep motivated. I was paired with Grace Chermak, who was receptive to the many many vocal influences I have, many who reside far outside the world of musical theater or classical singing. Grace noted areas of improvement that could immediately be tackled to ensure I was singing safely and sustainably, and we quickly got to work. She implemented invaluable tools that I use every single day to access accurate placement and expand the notes I can access in a given phrase. As a songwriter, I am always seeking to improve the melodies I write and better “act” the stories I am writing. Grace always makes room for these conversations and offers input that I deeply appreciate given her experience working in musical theater. As you know, so many vocal exercises require the strangest sounds and shapes your mouth can make, and I felt comfortable and safe working on these with Grace, who has done them with me a million times. Performing (especially to just one person!) is so vulnerable, and I appreciate that camaraderie and safeness more than I can say. I couldn’t recommend Grace and the Farnsworth team more. My range is a half-octave improved in just a few short months of weekly lessons, with added power, connection, and improved pitch in every part of my register. Everyone around me has noted positive growth in my clarity and tone, and I find myself singing with more conviction and more control. Most importantly, I finally feel joy and confidence when I sing. For that alone, I resolutely recommend Grace Chermak and Matthew Farnsworth’s incredible voice program. Thank you to this magical team for being one of the brightest parts of my year!"

Tara Giancaspro

Recording Artist

"They say people always come into your lives at the exact right moment. Indeed, it has been the case with my amazing voice teacher Grace. As a singer/songwriter... I have struggled for decades with finding my unique sound. When one is an “original”, who do you emulate when you’re singing songs & stories from your own heart? Grace has slowly helped me overcome my bad habits and judgements of myself. But more than technique, she is teaching me how mind, body and soul all contribute to doing what we love. Her instincts are genius, and at times I have been brought to tears by the sound of my own voice and the ease with which I’m now able to sing. Singing is fun! Grace is a gift and a stellar addition to the Farnsworth team."

C. Hope Belmont

Actor/Singer/Filmmaker,Surviving Hope the musical & the upcoming Coming Back To Love

"I have been Grace's student for about a year now and my voice has never progressed so much in such a short time. She constantly creates a positive atmosphere that pushes me to grow as a performer and person. Our lessons leave me feeling more prepared for college auditions and performances than ever before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for turning me into the performer I am today."

Carey Moore

Rosie in Mamma Mia, Boonton High School Drama Club