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"Nora has been the best voice teacher I’ve ever worked with. Not only is she knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher, she is one of the most genuine and helpful human beings I’ve ever met. I have definitely seen improvement in my own singing voice and self confidence as a whole working with Nora at Matt Farnsworth’s studio. She really takes the time to not only understand your voice but also you as an individual and student. Thank you for everything, Nora!!"

Michelle Ray

The Book of Mormon National Tour

“Nora is able to bring her own experiences as a singer in an approachable and relatable way. She makes me feel confident and is able to use different tools and techniques to adapt to my needs and goals. I love working with Nora!”

Ashley Klinger

A Chorus Line National Tour

"I love my voice lessons with Nora. Any chance I get to work with Nora, I leave learning something new. Nora has a special way of finding how to communicate techniques in an easy to understand manner. My voice has felt healthy and happy since working together. Since moving to New York, I've gained tremendous self confidence and consistency thanks to our lessons."

Kristen Tarrago

On Your Feet National Tour

"Nora is truly the best of the best. She makes things make sense. The parts of my voice that I struggled with for years and always used to stay away from, I can now access with ease and consistency. Nora is a joy to work with and I am grateful for the tremendous growth we have created together. "

Natalie Perez Duel

West Side Story, Japan

"Working with Nora has completely changed my voice. She’s helped me find a seamless connection, which has made me more confident and prepared in the audition room. She is attentive, specific, and just a joy all around to work with. I highly recommend booking a lesson with Nora! "

Elizabeth Meckler

American Idiot at American Stage

"I am so grateful for my time with Nora. She hasn’t tried to mold my voice into this iconic Broadway sound- but instead she encourages me to use and appreciate my own voice. I finally feel really happy and accepting of my sound and what I have to offer. I’m also hard of hearing, and Nora listens and meets me where I am. "

Jo Brooks

"Nora is an exceptional voice teacher. With every lesson I take from her, I learn how to use my vocal instrument more efficiently. Her exercises and clear explanations have helped me achieve a free sound without strain and exhaustion. She always surprises me with a new piece of magic that further improves my vocal technique. I am forever grateful for Nora’s expertise and her ability to share it with her students."

Maria Palomar

Singer/songwriter from Mexico City

"I have absolutely loved training with Nora. Our voice lessons are always the highlight of my week. My technique, tone, breath and sound quality have greatly improved since working together. She is very positive, enthusiastic, passionate and inspiring. In addition to technique Nora has coached me on audition and callback material to ensure that I am prepared and confident to do my best in the audition room."

Dani Loewen

“I have been training with Nora for nearly a year and it has truly been life-changing. I have never felt so strong as a vocalist. I have been able to sing repertoire I never would have thought possible a year ago. Nora goes above and beyond, is curious, and really cares about her students, in and out of lessons. I highly recommend her.”

Elizabeth Wyld


“Nora is an absolutely incredible and caring voice teacher. After leaving vocal performance for a few years, I was able to get back into shape for performance quickly and healthily. Throughout our lessons I have been reminded about what I love so much about singing, and receiving incredible vocal technique training too! I’d recommend Nora to anyone and everyone.”

Dani Koenig

“Nora is an absolute gem. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and vocally talented herself, she is incredibly understanding and empathetic in the process of helping me get to know my healthiest voice. I was trained classically and lived in my head voice for most of my life and finally discovered my belt in college. But finding the mix belt that feels fully resonant, repeatable and sustainable was a challenge on my own. Only since working with Nora did I start to feel confident that I could safely and consistently find that relaxed tension free sweet spot of my voice. I was in final callbacks for a dream role thats very vocally demanding and the reality of doing it 8x a week felt possible with her guidance and expertise.“

Jenna Kray

“Nora doesn’t only focus on vocal technique but all facets of artistry that comes with being a singer. The authenticity of your own sound is really important to her and she will focus the whole lesson on helping you find your free and natural voice. From the very beginning of a lesson, she will curate everything specifically to me helping me access different places in my body I need to focus to help me sound better and access my emotions. She is so clever with all of her exercises and creates a personal experience that makes our lessons beneficial and leaves me longing for the next one. Nora is not only a fabulous voice teacher but is also one of the best people.”

Tj McCarthy