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"I had never really taken one-on-one ongoing voice lessons before. I was intimidated by just how much I had to learn. But working with Mike Maixner and Matt Farnsworth has honestly been the best decision I could have made. They are both encouraging and supportive while also technical and precise. Every time I leave a session I feel like I am more capable and that I understand my voices in a new way."

Evan Todd

Gerry Goffin in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical on Broadway

"Mike was able to quickly identify habits that were not allowing me to sing at my best and gave me some exercises to help break my bad habits. He was able to help me sing much easier very quickly. I will definitely be continuing with lessons!"

Beau Bradshaw

Patrick Star in The Spongebob Musical National Tour

“It has been a pleasure getting to train under the vocal masterings of Mike with the Matt Farnsworth Technique. I have felt more confident in auditions and performances, since training began, and I can see positive results in my stamina and technique. Thank you Matt and Mike!!!”

Lauren Boyd

Hamilton on Broadway

"Mike is great and I love the pacing of the lessons. We keep moving and working and I feel like I get a lot out of it."

Neil Haskell

King George in Hamilton National Tour

“Mike is a fantastic teacher! He has given me new tools to improve my technique and increase my range. With Mike’s help, I found the confidence to trust my voice so I could focus on telling the story. I credit him with helping me book my Broadway debut! Thank you Mike!”

Andrew Leggieri

Bandstand on Broadway

"I have never been one to look forward to voice lessons until I started working with Mike Maixner. He found a direct line of communication with me that not only ensured progress, I felt an instant improvement. I’ve been searching for my authentic voice as a person and performer, but when it comes to my voice, Mike gave me the tools to find it."

Brad Bradley

Broadway’s Billy Elliot & Spamalot and Host of podcast Broadway’s Backbone

"Mike is an amazing teacher. Everything we work on in our lessons is easy to apply and it makes a world of difference. More and more I find myself singing material that once was out of reach vocally with ease thanks to the tools I've learned from him and singing is becoming less mental and more physical for me. I could not be more thankful to have found Mike and MF studios!"

Claudia Yanez

Rebecca and Gloria Estefan u/s in On Your Feet US National Tour

"Mike is a dream to work with. Very great at assessing my concerns and helping me find the truth of my instrument. I'm excited to keep working and growing!"

Michael Milkanin

Frozen National Tour and Assistant Dance Captain in Kinky Boots on Broadway

"Since starting with Mike, I've noticed a HUGE change in the way I approach singing! He teaches technique in a way that's specific to me and my voice, so I am able to leave the lesson and improve while working at home. I feel so much more confident walking into an audition knowing that his technique is there. Also! He knows his Rep! Bonus!!!!"

Alyson Lange

Mamma Mia! National Tour

"Mike was amazing! He was constructive, personable, and honest. Excited to keep studying with Mike through your studio."

Avery Sobczak

Hamilton National Tour

"I had such a great lesson with Mike! I felt amazing and I am excited to keep working."

Julian Burzynski

Something Rotten! National Tour

"Mike did the impossible and opened up my voice in a matter of 3 days! I live in Los Angeles and had a big callback coming up in NYC. Mike saw me for multiple sessions and just a few days after his wedding! He is clear, precise, patient, honest and encouraging. He has an incredible understanding of not just voice, but how the entire body informs it as well. I really enjoyed our lessons and will absolutely be back any time I am in New York."

Aimee Carrero

She-Ra in the Netflix animated series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Sofia Rodriguez on the Freeform sitcom Young & Hungry.

"Working with Mike has been the missing piece in my New York experience as an actor. I had been searching for the right voice teacher for months and from the first time I stepped in his studio I knew we were the perfect match. Mike is unafraid to correct bad habits and old fallbacks that no longer serve his students, and when he does so, is able to immediately correct and replace the habit with the correct placement. I love his perfect blend of evaluation (site specific corrections) and appreciation (letting me know when I did a great job). I love how Mike makes me feel great about the work I do, but also he a way of kindly demanding that I rise to my potential. His warm-ups are amazing and I am able to do them before every audition and performance. I also am incredibly grateful for Mike's knowledge of the politics of the business itself; on many occasions he has gone out of his way to guide me through difficult situations in order to make the choices that are in my best interest. I had received 1 callback in my 3 years of auditioning, and within the first few weeks of working with Michael I was not only called back, but booked my first job. Love love love love him."

Leah Fox

Date Me, Do Me, Dump Me

"Studying with the wonderful Mike Maixner has challenged me to alter my process, mentality and gave me confidence in all aspects of my performing. Over the past year I have felt that I lost parts of my voice and parts of myself as a singer that Mike has been able to help me find again. Through the Matt Farnsworth Studio philosophy of focusing on singing as a visceral experience, I have been inspired more than ever to approach my lessons and the material I bring each week feeling fresh, excited and open minded. Mike's attention to detail has been extremely beneficial and has allowed me to go back to the basics in an incredibly productive way. Through rediscovering the power of my voice with the support, philosophy and professionalism of the Matt Farnsworth Studio, now more than ever, I feel that the sky is the limit! I could not be more grateful to continue this journey with such an incredible team as this one."

Tori Palin

Mimi Marquez in Rent at Weathervane Playhouse

"In my time with Mike, I've had rehearsal directors, CD's, and even my mother make a point of telling me there's a noticeable difference in the strength, clarity, and versatility of my voice. I'm a soprano who never learned to belt and is notoriously cast in those fun characters who belt. In one lesson, Mike was able to bring out things in my voice I thought weren't possible with clear, specific adjustments. He's eliminated my apprehensions and has helped me to find one, authentic voice, and has brought a level of confidence and calm that I absolutely owe to my having booked more work."

Mikayla Petrilla

The McKittrick Follies at Sleep No More

"I've had a number of voice teachers and voice teachers like Mike are a rare commodity. He brings out parts of your voice you never knew even existed. His lessons instilled a strong vocal technique in me that completely freed up my voice and allowed me to sing with a physical and emotional connection I had never experienced before. I think Mike could make anyone broadway ready if you took consistent lessons with him."

Lizzy Moreno

Missy in 9 to 5 the Musical in NY

" I've had a wonderful time working with Mike and I'm grateful to the studio for helping get on a good track right out of school."

Iris Beaumier

Betty Jean in The Marvelous Wonderettes at Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

“Mike has coached me for countless auditions, and his musicianship never ceases to amaze me. He is so knowledgeable at handling all different genres and has a brilliant way of conveying how to make the sound he’s looking for. He has a creative approach that doesn’t stray from the integrity of the piece. I recommend him to anyone and everyone. Whether you be looking to coach audition sides, or study with one of the best on a regular basis, Mike is not only an incredible human being, but one of the best coaches in the city.”

Emily Mechler

Evita, Wicked on Broadway

“I was turned off to formal training after a number of false starts and was resigned to believe that my voice was what it was going to be for the rest of my career. After taking me through a number of exercises, Mike had me singing way above where I thought I was capable of and had always been there. It just had to be awakened. He also gives you the tools and technical imagery to go off and work on your own. He changed the way I feel about voice training.”

Rob McCaffrey

Motown the Musical US National Tour

"My lesson was tremendously helpful. I have heard nothing but good recommendations about your studio, and they were absolutely right. One lesson with Mike was equal to or greater than 5 lessons with another teacher. He understood exactly what was happening with my voice, and he was able to give me enough of an explanation of the exercises so I could take them home and apply them to my songs easily. I love a good teacher who can explain why we do each exercise, and what purpose it serves. Again, such a wonderful career investment. Mike rocks."

Kathryn Miller

Pauline in Saturday Night Fever at Riverside Theatre

“In a single coaching, Mike helped me improve my technique and truly understand the in’s and out’s of my material. He guided me to find grounded choices as an actor and pushed me to do things I never thought I could do vocally. He has a gift for bringing the best out of performers.”

Christopher Rice

The Book of Mormon and Pretty Woman on Broadway, Hamilton National Tour

“I’ve learned things from Mike that I’ve wanted to learn for at least 15 years. Finally, I found a teacher who is helping me achieve my long held goals! When so many have told me that I’m an opera singer who shouldn’t try to belt, Mike has finally showed me how to do both, healthily. His lessons are perfectly structured and he knows exactly how to warm-up my voice for whatever song we’re going to work on to bring out the best sound for that type of song. He always has an answer for every trouble spot, that achieves results. He’s kind, encouraging, and professional, and he’s just a nice guy. He’s also a great jazz piano teacher. I’ve only had a few lessons in jazz chords and I’m already beginning to improvise on chords! I would highly recommend him to everyone.”

Caralee Hill

Marian Paroo in The Music Man at Broadway in the Park