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"Clinton is great to work with. His vocal knowledge and techniques are really helping and I’m understanding the voice better, which was a goal of mine. Looking forward to my next lesson."

Matt Wiercinski

Anastasia the Musical on Broadway

"I can't emphasize enough the strides Matt and Clinton helped me take with my confidence in every single lesson. They quickly identified areas of improvement without ever losing touch of what made my voice unique, and I would not have made it to Broadway without their incisive and personalized approach."

Pomme Koch

The Band's Visit on Broadway

"Clinton has always been there for me. Not only does he obtain extremely skilled musicianship in his playing and accompanying, he also is well versed in singing and vocal technique. Whenever I have had minimal time to prepare audition material or found myself in a crunch with the difficulty of the material he always had a way of helping me through it as well as providing perfect tempo and dynamics throughout the cuts or songs. He is very chill and knows how to keep a calm environment through an actors frustrations. I would recommend Clinton to anybody trying to better their craft."

Colin Anderson

Sweeney Todd NYC

"Clinton creates a safe and warm environment that helps me feel comfortable and allows me to explore new ideas and techniques. He is great at keeping a professional and consistent work environment that allows us to accomplish an in depth and thorough exploration into technique and repertoire. We’ve focused a lot on breathing and getting back to the foundations of singing and with Clinton’s help I’ve been having successful auditions that have allowed me to book consistent work. Clinton is an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to every lessons with him!"

Nick Gurinsky

The Tinman in The Wizard of Oz National Tour

"Clinton is a remarkable teacher! Besides being immensely knowledgable in regards to technique he understands what it's like to be an auditioning actor. In the short time since I started studying with him I booked a first national tour and attribute it to the confidence he instilled in me as a singer! He makes you feel incredibly comfortable, allowing you to break free of mental barriers, which are most of my issues when singing. I can't say enough about how wonderful he is to work with and can't wait to continue studying with him when I return to NYC!"

Karl Skyler Urban

Albert in Finding Neverland US National Tour

"Clinton is a passionate, supportive, and attentive teacher and artist. He is incredibly present moment-to-moment calibrating and recalibrating to help your voice achieve its fullest potential. His positive energy and wonderful sense of humor foster an atmosphere of low pressure yet incredible growth. He demystifies the voice and makes singing accessible for all.Clinton made me feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed in both the lesson and in my audition itself. I booked my first lead in a musical through Clinton's guidance and our work together. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Daniel K. Isaac

Freddy in Miss Electricity at La Jolla Playhouse

"Working with Clinton has been a great experience! He is welcoming and creates an enjoyable working and learning environment in his studio. Clinton helped me become comfortable with new material that I was afraid to touch prior, while keeping old songs in my book new and improved!"

Mandy McDonell

Cinderella National Tour

"Clinton is an absolute dream!! He has unlocked parts of my voice I never knew existed. He pushes you to explore multiple facets of vocal technique, while making sure your strengths continue to grow. From my very first lesson, I knew that his teaching and my voice were a match made in heaven! He is patient, supportive, and kind. He has not only helped me break bad vocal habits, but also instilled a sense of confidence in my singing; whether it be for auditions or doing 8 shows a weeks. My voice feels more free, open, and connected. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for him!"

Taylor Colleton

Silly Girl in Beauty and the Beast National Tour

"Clinton did a very good job of going back to basics for me"

Alex Aquilino

Wicked the Musical on Broadway

"I had a great lesson with Clinton! I enjoyed exploring new techniques around breathing and relaxing my tongue. We also worked on some song cuts that I brought in and he helped me to improve them and suggested other songs to try as well. I am looking forward to our next lesson"

Elizabeth Cowperthwaite

Romeo and Juliet

"My lesson with Clinton was fantastic. I feel he is a super fit as an instructor. He demonstrated and helped me learn some techniques that are already helping me grow, even after my first lesson. Also, I was thrilled that he was able to pin point the area I need growth in immediately and focus in on it."

Christae Evanson

Rigoletto at Opera Colorado

"Clinton is amazing! His knowledge of music and the industry itself really sets him apart. His patience, kindness and bubbly personality help create a safe place for discovery and exploration. At every lesson, the warm up is catered to how your voice feels, so it doesn’t feel like a “cookie cutter” session. What I really love about him is that he will try different things to help me find the openness and freedom Matt teaches."

Melody Perera

A Thousand Splendid Suns at A.C.T.

"Working with Clinton in the last few months has been a dream! I have worked with numerous voice teachers since I was 8yrs old and while all have contributed to my abilities today, I had never understood nor tapped in to my mixed voice. I have always been a belter and honestly hadn’t had anyone convey what it takes to attain this incredibly difficult skill in a way that I could exercise and execute effortlessly. By the second lesson with Clinton, I was able to not only understand what I needed to do and where I needed to be within my voice, but I sang in that place that everyone wants to be and be in comfortably. Clinton is not only incredibly kind, fun and easy to work with, but he knows exactly how to explain how and where we need to be in our voice to sing the way we’ve always dreamed of without damaging or straining, which is the other half of the battle. I have learned so much in these last few months working with Clinton and look forward to strengthening my voice and achieving more difficult goals in the future, as I know that as long as we are working together, there’s nothing I can’t do as a vocalist."

Jodie Evans

Jesus Christ Superstar at North Carolina Theater

"My lesson with Clinton was amazing! He's wonderful."

Dorina A Abubakar

Hot Girls Aren't Funny

"I worked with Clinton this summer and was really amazed at the great improvement I saw in my vocal technique in such a short period of time. I am a dancer as well as a singer, and Clinton was able to easily recognize where one might conflict with the other and gave me great tools to separate the two. I can't wait to work with him more in the future!"

Sophia Bella Cucci

"Since the day I started Clinton in January 2018 I have learned an entirely new physical vocabulary about my voice. Clinton has taught me how to listen and feel correct vocal placement in a healthy and productive way. I have found a new comfort and ease in my voice that was not present before working with Clinton. Clinton’s candor and professionalism is incomparable and will help you in discovering where you need to be and the right way to get there. And he has the cutest pup. IMPORTANT. "

Richie Dupkin

The Skin of Our Teeth, Pippi Longstocking and The Wind In The Willows

"Clinton did an amazing job explaining all of the little adjustments that he wanted me to make and I felt like I was able to take some great strides in just one hour. I'm super excited to work with him!"

Charlotte Morris

Once the Musical at Oregon Cabaret Theatre

“Since working together, Clinton has completely changed my voice. He is able to assess and problem-solve on the spot and has helped me improve on a level that is both substantial and sustainable. Not to mention he is a lovely person with whom I thoroughly enjoy collaborating!“

Pam Zazzarino

Lily in Teacher of the Black Lagoon National Tour

"I always knew that I had a big voice, but I struggled with knowing how to control it. I could not rely on my voice technically and was aimlessly trying to replicate the sound I thought that I needed to have for my type. Clinton not only helped me sharpen my technique, but he also helped me to free my true voice. I am now striving for natural ease when I sing instead of attempting to recreate a sound I've heard before."

Alexandra Holden

Leading Player in Pippin at Princeton Summer Theatre