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Not only is Carolyn’s enthusiasm contagious, she mapped out a clear, usable plan to approach sight singing a piece of music during the Sight Singing 102 course. I now feel like I am in control and am much less stressed when I am given new music. Carolyn pulls you into the class with participation in the first five minutes — and helps you let go of your fear surrounding sight singing. If you have heart palpitations whenever you are asked to sight sing, TAKE THIS CLASS! Best money I’ve spent all year!

Lauren Lukacek

Sight Singing Level 2
It was a great class series. I liked how you kept it small so Carolyn was able to focus on each of us individually as students. I also appreciated the way she specifically structured the class with the skill set and knowledge layering on top of itself. As a person with music theory knowledge and experience was solid in the basics, but rusty in the practice and deeper knowledge of music theory, 102 was really beneficial. Carolyn helped with practically applying our theory knowledge to the actual skill of sight singing. She also gave us a ton of handouts that are great to review in between classes and even work on when the course finished!

Alden Gagnon

Sight Singing Level 2
My experience in the sight reading class was invaluable. I really didn’t understand how to sight read music at all however Carolyn was able to break down things slowly and build upon the knowledge in each class so that I am now able to better grasp and understand how to sight read my music. She is an excellent teacher and makes everything fun!

Glen Llanes

Sight Singing Level 1
I think it is just giving me the actual technical knowledge of the theory of the stuff I kind-of-sort-of picked up on over the years, but never had any concrete knowledge of. It’s great! Love that it’s tailored for the actor/singer rather than just general theory. Carolyn was great.

Teryn Gray

Sight Singing Level 1
I really loved the class. It was exactly what I needed to increase my confidence with reading music. Carolyn was really energetic, kept the class moving, and is definitely a knowledgeable musician. I would be interested in doing a level 3 class. I think knowing more about theory and sight singing really improves my ability to understand and interpret the music I’m singing. In the meantime, this class gave me a lot of tools that I can use to continue to work on becoming a better sight singer.

Lacey Tucker

Sight Singing Level 2